What is the National Parents’ Committee for Primary and Secondary Education?

The National Parents’ Committee for Primary and Secondary Education (Norwegian abbreviation FUG) is a national committee for parents who have children in primary and/or secondary education.

FUG was established in 1976 and is legally founded on Section 11-9 of the Norwegian Education Act.
The current FUG was appointed on December 20, 2019 for the period 2020–2023.

FUG’s secretariat consists of ten employees and is based in Bø in Vestfold and Telemark.

Who is FUG?

FUG is appointed by the King in the Council of State for a period of four years. FUG consists of a president, a vice president, five members and two deputy members. The members come from different parts of the country and have children at school. Members must have worked actively as a parent representative at school or municipal level.

FUG’s role

FUG’s role involves:

  • Home – school partnership
  • Safeguarding the interests of parents in connection with school
  • Distributing information on how the home-school partnership works
  • Distributing information on how parents can support their children
  • Setting the agenda and supporting parents as regards key issues such as indoor climate, bullying, parent meetings, schoolwork, etc.

What FUG does

  • Gives advice and guidance to parents with children at school.
  • Acts as a service and information body for parent contacts, Parents’ Council Working Committees and Municipal Parents’ Councils.
  • Prepares publications for use by parents and employees at school (these can be downloaded from www.fug.no).
  • Carries on outreach activities with respect to parents with children at school.
  • Gives advice to the education authorities concerning matters relating to the home-school partnership.
  • Provides up-to-date information through the website www.foreldreutvalgene.no.

How to get in touch with us

E-post: post@fubhg.no
Telefon: +47 477 99 200

Senior communications consultant FUB / FUG

Bjørnar Hagen Vika

He´s senior communications consultant FUB / FUG

Bjørnar Hagen Vika

senior kommunikasjonsrådgiver FUB/FUG

Publications available in English

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